About Us

We like to have fun while we work, who doesn't? Some careers are more serious than others, but adding a cute phrase or clever saying makes our everyday life just a bit more enjoyable.

Our team has combined 30+ years of experience working in all aspects of the real estate arena.  We've involved with sales, marketing, production, and networking in one way or another, and now, Your Career Gear is our latest and most fun adventure!  Based in southwest sunny Florida, we're constantly working (or having fun) on new phrases, lines of apparel, and gear that we hope our clients will love.

Our team takes a lot of time to make sure the products we are selling live up to our quality control standards with the best fabrics and features available, focusing on American made items of the highest quality. That's just who we are!

If your career involves networking and meeting potential clients, let our apparel and gear make you shine above the rest! We aim to make you smile and bring some attention to your career.

Your Career Gear has a great selection of items for you to promote yourself, or to give as a unique gift.  So, let's get to work and have some fun!